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122 – Rich Roll on the Other Side of the Mic

Rich Roll is the host of the very popular Rich Roll Podcast which may be what he’s best known for these days. He’s also an author who just released a new edition of his book “Finding Ultra” which chronicles his tumultuous path from awkward kid to national level swimmer. It was during college at Stanford when he started drinking which really became the next chapter in his life even while going to law school and started work as a lawyer. Rich eventually went to rehab and got sober, but he still wasn’t healthy. He finally had a wakeup call the night before he turned 40 and realized that he needed to overhaul the rest of his life. That’s when he became vegan, started exercising and his true potential began to emerge.

This is an awesome episode with an awesome person. Rich is everything you imagine when you hear him interviewing people. Deep, passionate, honest, self deprecating, but also hilarious and real while also somehow being a bit of a romantic. He’s the kind of guy you want to hang out with more often than a one-time skype interview!

Today we cover:

  • What drives Rich today
  • Vulnerability: why it’s important to embrace
  • Real life today: navigating his priorities with his wife and kids
  • Parenting: How his parents gave him tough love and how he envisions his ability to do the same
  • Sobriety: the foundation for his mental and physical health
  • “Gratitude is not a natural practice for me. I have to work on it every single day.”
  • Rediscovering his athleticism in his 40s
  • Aging: the real deal behind 50
  • Being an “all-in” person
  • Otillo: behind the scenes story of the race – hilarious 😂
  • True potential

In the end, here’s my takeaway. Rich Roll truly makes you feel special. That whole philosophy that people don’t really remember what you say but how you make them feel rings true with Rich. So that’s my next goal – hang out with Rich more!

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