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121 – Louise Green “The More We See, The More We Can Be”

Louise Green is a badass. Her passion is to create a more inclusive world. Her work focuses mainly on women (including herself) who are often polarized due to their size. Louise reached out a while ago to work with Skirt Sports on one of the projects she is spearheading within her Big Fit Girl empire. I knew immediately that I needed to learn more about her work, so Louise and I finally had today’s incredible conversation which really boils down to this… What it means to find happiness and health no matter what your circumstances are.

Sound note: I want to apologize for the sound quality. It’s not bad but it’s not as good as in-person interviews. Louise sounds a little tinny, like she’s sitting in a metal room or something, so hang in there. The conversation is so good that I’m sure you won’t really notice too much!

Today we talk about:

  • Big Fit Girl: Louise’s business and philosophy
  • Diet culture: how the entire industry is based on failure
  • Becoming sober
  • Changing her life: quitting smoking and starting running!
  • Invisibility
  • Fitness Trauma
  • Shaming
  • Why All or Nothing is dangerous

Louise is open and honest about her her journey to health, her struggle with alcoholism, and her quest for self-love. All she truly wants is to help others find happiness. I love when she says, “the more we can see the more we can be.” I loved it so much I named this episode after that quote! It’s all about celebrating each other as we continue to seek our full potential – at all stages of the journey. Because when we have support from positive like-minded people, we will enjoy it so much more.

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