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114 – Erin Weed Digs You

The first experience I had with Erin Weed was sitting in her office in Boulder for two days sharing the stories of my life with the goal of getting to the heart of who I am and what I was meant to do – in one word. One powerful word. Erin calls this process The Dig. She has administered countless DIGS in her professional life.


I wouldn’t say I was lost when I did The Dig, but I was unsure of exactly where I was and where I should be going. I needed some clarity. I had created an identity as the founder of Skirt Sports, but I was SO TIED UP in my business that I couldn’t see myself outside of that beautiful thing I created. In fact I was at the point of resenting that beautiful thing I created and that’s the last thing I wanted.


So I did The Dig. Erin has many magical gifts. One of which is to help people remember. This is no small feat as many of us want to push some of our often very important memories deep down into the darkness and pretend they didn’t happen. Erin helps us bring them out and then her next magical gift surfaces. She helps people see memories that are important – memories that we may discard as not formative or helpful. Basically over two days, she creates a storyline of your life’s important events illustrated by sticky notes on her wall. This storyline is whittled down to one word that forms the foundation for who you are. My word is Relationship.


I went in thinking my word would be compassion or connection, these words support my final word. But in the end, it makes sense. I’m about Relationships – with my body, my family, my community, with people I don’t even know yet! It became more clear that whatever I did in the future, I needed to allow myself to sink into this word. Think about this podcast. This was a direct result of my Dig. I knew that I needed an outlet to connect and form relationships not only with my guests but to allow my listeners to also form this relationship. To help them grow from others’ stories. So we can thank Erin Weed for Run This World!


Side note: Erin has helped nurture my love for the stage. It all came full circle when we sat side by side at eTown for the Truthtellers Tour (when I came out of the closet with my history with alcohol). Erin means a lot to me and I’m so honored to finally have her on the show.


So now you have an understanding of the kind of work Erin does. Today you will not do a literal dig on the pod, but you will gain a new way to think about your purpose as we discuss the following:

  • Girls Fight Back: the nonprofit Erin founded after her college roommate was raped and killed in her dorm room
  • Divorce & Motherhood
  • Confronting hard situations
  • The PURGE
  • Protecting your inner spirit
  • Check out the Boulder Psychic Institute in Boulder if you’re intrigued!
  • Learning to tap into your innate gifts
  • The Dig: ins & outs & more


Challenge! Post your word! Or at least what you think your word is. Tag @nicoledeboom and @erinweed & then challenge yourself one step further. What’s on the other side of that word? If you think it’s one thing, push a little further to see if one final word surfaces.


For more Erin Weed: I highly recommend that you check out Erin’s TEDx Boulder Talk – she mentioned it today – imagine the pressure of the speaking coach putting herself out there to speak. Her talk is everything she helps other people be. Open, honest, vulnerable, and powerful. You can find a link on the show notes. And finally, take a breath and absorb Erin’s final nugget: You have no idea how beautiful the most real version of you is. And if you don’t believe that, borrow her belief.

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