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110 – Flora Duffy is Ready for the Next Big Thing

I met Flora Duffy many years ago when she was a hot up and comer on the tri scene. Tim was working with Pearl Izumi at the end of his racing career and Flora was one of the younger sponsored athletes. And it’s funny, because I consistently ran into her at RallySport over the years, but I swear I always had trouble figuring out who she was. Every time I saw her, there was something just a little different. Now I think it’s because I literally watched her transform in slow motion from a pretty great triathlete to the best in the world.


Flora has always been really nice, but when you’re a pro athlete and you’re at the gym, it’s not your social hour, so I never spent much time chatting with her. (Side note: When you’ve been retired from professional racing for 15 years and you’re at the gym, it often IS your social hour! But my point is that I try to respect people who need to get their workouts done because their careers depend on it.) Until a few weeks ago. I was splashing around in the outdoor pool with Wilder not getting a workout in (ha!) and I saw Flora jump into the adult pool with a water belt on. She was water running. This immediately triggered my old memories of water running torture – it was something I only ever did if I was totally injured or nervous about getting injured. In fact, Tim water ran so much for the last 10 years of his career, that I’m traumatized just from watching him do it! So anyway, I made the assumption that Flora may be injured. When she was done, we had our first meaningful conversation ever. She shared that she is in fact injured and it does in fact suck. I commiserated and told her she’s got lots of time and hang in there.


Now, saying all of that is nice but I will tell you that it really doesn’t make a pro feel better! So I reached out and asked if she would come on the show and share more openly what’s going on. Being the most amazing person that she is, Flora agreed. So get ready – it’s not every day that we get to learn life lessons from the best. Especially from someone who is willing to open up and be vulnerable when she’s not feeling her best.


Today we talk about:

  • Growing up a triathlete – in Bermuda
  • When what you dream of being as a kid is what you actually become
  • Injuries: they suck
  • Listening to your body
  • Finding love through sport: Flora got married to another pro triathlete last year
  • The next big thing: 2020
  • Giving back: The Flora Fund handed out its first grants just a few days ago!


This is a great episode with a great person who is going through tough stuff just like we all do sometimes. What I love about Flora is that she got injured – and then started a Foundation to give back. She is not someone who lingers in self-misery, but instead she pulls herself out and sees the bigger picture. On that note, check out the Flora Fund and consider donating to help people who otherwise don’t have a shot at getting out of their current situations to see just what their potential could be in this world. And let’s give a collective cheer for Flora to heal and get back on her path to world domination. All right then, you know what time it is. It’s time to get out there and run this world have a great workout and we’ll see you next week!