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108 – Beth Shields Finally Made Herself a Non Negotiable Priority

Beth Shields woke up one day and realized that she needed to commit to herself or she would not be here much longer. She hit send on the Running Start application and showed up to the first meeting – barely. We often say showing up is the hardest part. I’m not sure I fully subscribe to that philosophy. I believe it’s important. It’s the first step. But you need to keep going. You need to shift your mindset, tell yourself that you CAN do it, and then you need to follow through – again and again and again.


Today Beth Shields is just a year from her first 5k. She has a special magic quality about her. She is so much more of an inspiration for other women than she will ever let herself take credit for. Her journey is far from over; it takes time, determination and constant reminders that self-love must win. But she has momentum on her side. And it’s affecting not only her personal life but also her career. Beth has become the biggest single sponsor that Running Start has ever had in her commitment to give back to a program that helped change the trajectory of her life in such a positive way. So let me say that if you are looking to buy or sell a house in Colorado, call Beth because she is giving Running Start $500 for every closing so other women can find the courage to change their lives too.


Today we talk about:

  • Making the decision to change your life
  • The shame and guilt that follow in the wake of sexual assault
  • Having babies and losing your identity along the way
  • Why judging others sucks #stopthejudging
  • The importance of support: husbands, families, community
  • Raising healthy kids who feel comfortable communicating openly with their parents. The magic pill? Spend time with them.
  • Real life vs “your social media highlight reel”
  • Running Start: How one program can truly change the trajectory of your life
  • Giving back: Beth is the biggest sponsor to date of Running Start – donating $500 per real estate closing through ReMAX Nexus!


Beth Shields is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever known. I could never have predicted when I met her that one day I would be interviewing her for my podcast and that she would be helping so many others who don’t believe that they can change their lives. Her message to you is this: You CAN change your life. It starts with believing in yourself. To reach Beth, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram. If you reach out, she will be there for you. And let’s commit right now to #stopthejudging – I love this new slogan. Did you hear what she said about her husband? He’s her best friend because he never judges her, no matter what is going through her head. This is when the magic happens. When we can create a world of no judgment, where we love and support each other’s journeys. And finally, don’t forget about Beth if you are moving here – if you work with her, you help other women who so deeply need support.


I will leave you with this thought from Beth. You need to become your own non negotiable priority. You are valuable and you are worth it. Now let’s get out there and Run This World!