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107 – Alex Hanifin Makes Me Actually Want to Drink Instant Coffee

I had you at coffee, didn’t I? Something about coffee taps into a universal language for so many of us hard-chargers who reach for a caffeine kick instead of considering that we may just need to back off and recharge sometimes.


Alex Hanifin is no stranger to the concept of hard-charging. She is scrappy. She is smart. She is accomplished well beyond her years. She is the 28 year old founder of a company that is changing the world. The world of coffee. You’ll get the sense immediately that I know Alex. I do. I met her through a CEO group I participate in and immediately sensed that I was in the presence of someone who was meant to do big things. Alex started her first real business in high school. She didn’t go to college, but it wasn’t because she wasn’t smart or driven. She is in fact one of the smartest and most driven women I know. She just struggled in school and that environment stifled her instead of helping her grow. So she trusted her gut and her heart to lead her down her path to happiness.


Today we talk about:

  • The importance of health: “If you’re not healthy, your business is not healthy”
  • How what our parents say and do matters
  • Her unique path to entrepreneurship
  • Starting a business in high school
  • Talking your way into a job when you have no idea what you’re doing!
  • Listening to your gut
  • Alpine Start coffee: How much love and care goes into her business
  • And more


Happiness is a brand that is kicking serious ass and completely blowing open a really old, crotchety category – instant coffee.  It’s called Alpine Start and is making the most delicious, high quality coffee – it’s just such a great surprise when you have your first sip. Instant coffee doesn’t have to suck! Alex is offering you 50% off online at Use code skirtsports. Definitely try their original Instant Coffee, the new dirty chai latte or coconut creamer latte – so good. If you are a supporter of women-led business ventures, forward this one. And if you want to actually SEE Alex in person, check out the Skirt Sports website. I talked her into modeling this season. She has such incredible energy I wanted to capture it! All right then, let’s chug some more coffee and get out and move your body because you know what time it is. It’s time to get out and run this world! Have a great workout and I’ll see you next week!