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102 – Maria Thomas and her life as a puddle

I met Maria Thomas (of My Life as a Puddle) at the Truthteller Tour in Boulder earlier this year. We were both featured speakers sharing truths about ourselves that were not easy to share. It was an emotional night where the power of sharing painful truths was both liberating and an intense connector to others that we didn’t even know. After the event, Maria realized how sharing her story with others could help so many people, so she reached out and here we are. Maria’s story starts with her early diagnosis of hyperhidrosis but it turns into so much more as she has navigated this journey called life, sometimes with courage and sometimes in fear.

We recorded in the Skirt Sports Boulder store, after hours, surrounded by skirts, bras, successes, failures, the past and the future. It was like a glimpse into the deep guts of one world while we literally talked about the guts of another woman’s world.


Today we talk about:

  • Hyperhidrosis: Uncontrollable excessive sweating that started for her when she was as young as 6
  • Marriage: Divorce, Cheating & Forgiveness
  • Faith
  • Gut health / Brain health connection
  • What it feels like to want to kill yourself
  • Her path to a healthy mind & healthy body
  • Some great reads: No Grain, No Pain by Dr. Peter Osborne and Grain Brain & The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan both by Dr. David Perlmutter
  • And so much more


I think about what Maria is able to share today and it makes me so proud. And grateful. Grateful that Maria gave herself a wakeup call. Grateful that she is so willing to be open about very difficult topics that many people are too embarrassed to mention. There are so many life situations and so many nuggets in this episode. I’d love to hear your favorites. If you want to connect with Maria be sure to contact her through her website – I love her tagline “creating hyperhidrosis hope and awareness one drop at a time.” And I’ll leave you by repeating her final nugget “you have a choice every day whether you are going to rise above or stay below. And just take that one next step to become a better person whatever that might look like for you.”


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