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100th Episode – The Best of the Best

You know when you love something so much that you don’t realize how much time has gone by? That’s exactly how I feel about this podcast. I wasn’t sure what would happen when I started. I just reached out to some amazing people to see if they’d come on my show and they did. My first episode was a short explanation of the podcast. The general preface was that I would interview visionaries and people making change in the world in the hopes that it would inspire others and bring us all closer together. I imagined people would listen during their weekend 5k’s, so I planned the podcast around the average time it takes to run a 5k which is 36:38. As you glance through my 100 episodes you’ll see that I end up getting closer to a 10k every time. I just can’t cut the interviews short when every single person has so much to offer.


For the 100th episode I decided to do a montage of 10 of my most powerful interviews. I have to start by saying that EVERY SINGLE GUEST on the show has been my favorite. It was very hard for me to choose 10 episodes to feature. They are not necessarily in my top-10 most listened but instead I chose episodes that cover a range of topics from a variety of people. Today you will hear a short snippet from each of these episodes with an explanation for why I chose them. Many of you are just getting started with Run This World and doing crazy marathon sessions listening to my incredible guests. This is a great episode to forward to any friend who isn’t sure where to start!


Episode 6 – Erin Carson on training for life

Episode 24 – Kara Burns From Prison to 26.2

Episode 37 – Emily Harvey Amputee Athlete on Rocking Your Differences

Episode 41 – Siri Lindley World Champion Person on Getting Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart

Episode 50 – Colleen Cannon on Chickens, Watermelons and Why Women Will Save the Earth

Episode  67 – Janelle Smiley Faced Her Fears & Came To Life

Episode 68 – Thirteen Years Ago Erika McDonald had Two Months to Live

Episode 70 – Mark Mikel on Loss, Grief and Becoming Whole Again

Episode 87 – Kara Goucher Redefines Herself

Episode 97 – Mirna & Latoya Uncensored


It’s a wrap. The first 100 episodes are in the bag and properly commemorated! I’m so proud of this podcast and all of the incredible guests that have so beautifully put themselves out there – openly, honestly and with such vulnerability – to give all of you even a tiny glimpse of a new way to look at this world. Because in the end, we are not alone and that’s the point. All right then, you know what time it is. It’s time to get out there and Run This World! Have a great workout and I’ll see you next week.